Perfect roads and motorcycles go together like horse and carriage. When you feel the wind against your chest and lean into the corner whilst having the beautiful nature in the background is one of the unique experiences in life that is hard to replicate in any other way. With diverse geographical landscape Poland offers a magnitude of best riding road. Here you get to experience everything there is – from seaside adventures, twisties around lakes and hills of Kaszuby and much, much more. Below you will find a few examples worth considering when planning your Polish travels.

Droga Kaszubska

Droga Kaszubska, or Kashubian Route in English, is a scenic route that takes you through the most spectacular parts of Kashubian Landscape Park. In fact, this piece of road was designed and built in late 1960’s for motorists simply to enjoy both the drive and the views. Along this 45-kilometre long stretch of tarmac you will be taken through deep woods, along picturesque lakesides and beautiful rolling hills. Droga Kaszubska, however, is not about riding only. Charming small towns and abundance of restaurants serving local dishes are an added bonus. There is plenty to see as well. You may climb the viewing tower on Wieżyca, pay a visit to a house that is upside down or admire the unfinished castle in Łapalice – a lifelong project of a local businessman.

Droga Stu Zakrętów

Droga Stu Zakrętów translates to a road of a hundred bends and this might be just true. The road that leads from Radków to Kudowa-Zdrój might be just 22-kilometres long but it is packed with twists and turns. What is special about this location is that it leads through a thick forest with large drops on one hand and often a vertical rockface on the other. The road itself is narrow and the bends are often sharp. Maximum attention is required as the entire surrounding is so mesmerizing that it takes just a second before you ride off the tarmac. Turn after turn may cause motion sickness too. When travelling in this region of Poland, you might visit the spooky skulls chapel and numerous small towns of Kłodzko Valley.

Pętla Bieszczadzka

This riding route is a real journey. 140-kilometres long Pętla Bieszczadzka (Eng. Bieszczady look) takes you through some of the best parts of the Bieszczady mountains giving you an amazing opportunity to admire the breath-taking views. Bieszczady are rather sparsely populated region with relatively small cities and towns along the way, which means you will have a chance to take in regional nature in an unspoiled form. A must see on the list is a Solina reservoir and Solina dam.

Przełęcz Samopolska

If you are travelling from Szczyrk towards Wisła you are most likely going to take Salmopolska Pass (Pol. Przełęcz Samopolska). With 17 kilometres it might not be the longest on this list but it sure is intense. A series of turns and wide hairpins matched with a beautiful scenery of southern Poland. The road is definitely a favourite one among many riders and cyclists.

And many, many more…

Poland offers an amazing choice of roads that are simply perfect for all sort of gearheads. Some are more recognizable and other are just there, waiting to be discovered. To help you choose the right one and with all the logistics of your travels and your stay in Poland you may reach out to a Polish travel agency ITS Poland. They will lend you a helping hand with all your needs and their experienced staff will make sure you get the best of service. All you have to do is gear up and head out towards your Polish adventure.