Krakow has plenty of sports facilities that attracts and caters for any level of sport ability whether a club or a group of friends on tour or in training preparation. Krakow was host to many teams for the 2012 European Championships and soon will be the host city for the Summer European Olympics in 2023. These high level international events confirm that Krakow possesses a good standard of facilities and infrastructure along with all the required services to organise such events. This has led to the expansion of many diverse sport activities available to non-professional sport organisations and specialist club tours. Here are the top 5 searched for:

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Football – Krakow fulfils all your expectations from 5-a-side footie right up to 11-a-side with suitable level opponents from the area. Dedicated organisers such as Party Krakow based in Krakow can help you find a venue, team and offer essential services including transfers. Football matches can be played indoors or outdoors, on grass or artificial surfaces. The Krakow Sunday League also organises tournaments on yearly basis bringing in teams from around Poland and Europe. Many visitors often want to watch Krakow’s top league Cracovia and Wisla teams play with the derby being the most favoured by football fans. One important point, you need to register for a Spectator’s Card before you can enter the stadiums, this service is offered by dedicated event companies. Krakow has well equipped facilities and sports complexes for pre-season training programs for professional organisations.

Rugby – In Poland there is an ever increasing trend and popularity of rugby union. The Polish RU (PZR) have enabled the top flight clubs from the Ekstraliga to widen their grassroots programs and revitalised lower league and community rugby. Krakow is no exception with Juvenia Krakow RFC running teams from tiny tots to teenagers to seniors and a healthy Veteran’s team. The club is host to two annual rugby tournaments a year the Krakow Rugby Festival in the 3rd week of June and the U.19 Krakow Sevens the first weekend of September. The KRF attracts international men and women’s teams to play exhibition and competitive rugby 10s mixed with the social aspects that the rugby spirit is renowned for, that is, the KRF has unlimited beer and cider for you to enjoy the entire weekend plus many activities on and off the field of play. The Krakow 7s encourages the younger fraternity to experience the thrill of playing in an international competition for boys and girls. There is also an U.16 section. Krakow is an ideal tour destination for clubs with the city offering the best in cuisine, craft beers and great vodka. Don’t fret if you are unable to attend the rugby tournaments as friendlies are arranged with suitable level opponents and all essential services included if required. The national Polish rugby team that compete in the Rugby Europe Trophy division are currently top with 3 wins out of 3 for 2021/22 season and have climbed 4 places as a consequence to 28th place in the World Rugby Rankings.

Cricket – Yes, as odd as it may seem cricket is thriving in Krakow with the Krakow Cricket Club. The club consists mainly of British and Asian players but a few Polish enthusiasts are taking an interest in the sport. So, if you are considering a summer cricket tour then Krakow has to be on your list. As with the KRF the KCC collaborate with a local event company to provide all the essential services to make your stay is a comfortable one, especially for the KCC annual Krakow Cricket Cup which takes place in June. There are 6 teams from different cities in Poland that make up the Premier League and the KCC have fielded a team since 2012.

Rock Climbing – Indoor or outdoor training, challenges and competitions are all in abundance in Krakow and the surrounding area. The city itself boasts of 3 indoor adventure parks which are frequented by professionals, amateurs, company bonding excursions and as fun birthday party hosts with rock climbing sessions for the young partygoers. Outdoors in the Jura region or Jurassic Highland you have the spectacular natural rock formations ideal for rock climbing enthusiasts. The most popular areas are the Będkowska Valley, Kobylańska Valley and Bolechowicka Valley. They offer hundreds of different climbing routes for experienced and less experienced climbers. The extra buzz of scaling the peaks in this region are the centuries old castles, waterfalls, forests and fresh air. Look out for the Elephant’s Arse route in Będkowska. Although only a short distance from Krakow there are facilities on site should you wish remain.

White Water Rafting – Krakow has the excellent Olympic standard WWR circuit which is extremely popular with locals, tourists and international clubs. A national competition is usually held in early June every year but between April and November the WWR circuit is open to the public for 1 hour or 2 hour sessions. Once again this activity is booked by companies or sports groups for the purposes of bonding exercises and leisure activity companies offer full packages with everything included and bookable online. However, if you prefer a more natural meander down the Dunajec River in the Tatra Mountains then set aside a full day, paddle down the river with incredible views and sights. You can stop for lunch, visit castles and maybe go hiking on the numerous trails.

Krakow is an enchanting medieval city with a rich history and full of different attractions, sights and activities, so if you combine that with your favourite sport, especially the ones mentioned above you are in for a memorable occasion that will remain with you for a long time. Krakow has a buzzing nightlife which as you know the term, après ski, to which in Krakow we say après sport and there is a lot of it. Considering a club or team tour abroad then Krakow is a top contender as your next destination.