“Everywhere is close, everywhere is nice – where the tourist will go now?” – with this humorous quote we might start the article about accommodation in Krakow, with a good price, too. Why should one choose a hostel as a form of accommodation in the capital of Małopolska?

Why hostels?

Why should a tourist consider this form of staying the night in Krakow? What are the benefits to those who wish to catch the spirit of the city within 2-3 days of stay? First of all, the price of hostel is speeking for itself in comparison to the price of the hotels.

Not everyone feels comfortable within hotel’s halls. However, many may fear about the security and quality of hostels. Not to fear, though. Many of the hostels are now renovated with nice interiors and visitors-friendly. Some of them are located close to the main attractions of the city, so they are a perfect starting point.

Draggo hostel – a fine offer for tourists

Droggo is a very good option for incomers who wish to stay a while in the former capital of Poland. This hostel in Krakow offers:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Smart TV
  • Separate bathrooms for each room
  • Contemporary and renovated interior in which you will feel comfortable
  • Perfect location in the Old Town – 2 minutes from Main Square, close to the main train and bus station and many bus stops of commune transport
  • Professional and polite stuff
  • Night lamps and charging docks
  • Access to common rooms
  • Lockers for visitors

Hostel for groups

Not only individual tourists can choose this form of accommodation. Hostels in Krakow are welcoming groups gladly. We hardly ever think of that other option, but gathering around 10 people (friends or family members) shouldn’t be such a problem. What do we gain? The main reason is a discount that the hostel offers for bigger groups. Additionally the company cooperates with many other places in Krakow.

Coordinated tours

That’s not all. Hostel provides every group with their own coordinator of reservation. What does the coordinator do in addition to placing a room accommodation?

  • Manages museum reservations
  • Helps arranging transportation
  • Makes meal reservation taking into consideration special diets (allergy, vegetarian)

This approach to our guests makes many of them to choose Draggo hostel. Comfort of reservation and coordination is a big asset – especially to those who visit Krakow for the first time, and will probably come back again.