European countries are dubbed the best destinations for cricket tours. It explains why most schools in the overseas arrange for school sports tours here; it is not just about engaging in sporting activities but also exploring popular tourist destinations and engaging in endless sightseeing activities. The countries also boast a range of clubs and schools, offering cricket at different levels. The facilities have experienced coordinators who have played cricket in the past or are playing professionally and use their experiences to provide valuable insight into the game. The text looks at the best destinations for college cricket tours.


The Caribbean is known for its passion for cricket; in fact, it is more of a way of life here, which makes it an excellent destination for any cricket enthusiast. You and your teammates get to bask under the clear, blue sky and golden sand beach after an engaging sports session. There are also exciting activities to try during the tour, e.g., rum tours, swimming with the turtles and enjoying the Catamaran cruise where you will sample good food, music and drinks.


It is another favourite destination for cricket tours. The best part is it is accessible by air or sea, and there are lots of cricket clubs that offer varying levels of play. There are 6,500 registered players, and like football, the country accommodates players of all ages and abilities throughout the world. It means you are confident of finding the best playing facility regardless of your team’s playing standard. Junior tours are often offered on holiday parks, which provide a range of activities to keep you and your teammates entertained throughout your stay, and these include bowling, bike rental and swimming pools.


The country has several cricket clubs and a competitive domestic league. The local clubs are primarily set up to host touring teams and are lauded for their hospitality even after the matches. What’s more, players have a chance to explore the country’s exquisite coastline that is made of cobblestone villages and white sandy beaches. You also have an opportunity to visit Lisbon, Europe’s sunniest city (experiences 2,800 hours of sunshine in a year) and explore the cobbled alleyways, narrow streets and great dining areas.


If you are looking for an all-year destination for school cricket tours, Malta should be your next destination for your school tour. The country hosts friendly and competitive matches in the vast range of training facilities around the country. T20 tournaments take place during the months of April and October while competitions for seniors occur throughout the year thanks to the favourable climate in the country.