Photography is the great way to show the world’s real beauty that you see through your eyes. Photography lets you see and appreciate what you are looking and capture it so the rest of the world can enjoy that view or moment too. You can only capture the beauty o the world when you are travelling in this way you get to see the real beauty of nature and let the world appreciate it too. Leavenworth is one of those places on earth that I would suggest every photographer of the world capture inside their cameras. It is basically a city in Chelan country, Washington, United States and is filled with the real natural beauty. The entire town centre is present in the Bavarian village.

Leavenworth Photography Workshop:

Leavenworth Travel nature photography workshop has been organised by Aaron Reed Photography which is the well-known name in the world of photography. This workshop is in October and is likely to happen from October 20th to the October 22nd of this year. It is the only workshop that would be happening this year as Aaron Reed Photography workshop happens only once in a year. To get into this workshop most of the people have to wait in the long waiting list so don’t be late and miss this amazing chance of capturing the amazing natural beauty of Leavenworth in your camera and moreover you can learn a lot from this workshop too. The price of this workshop is very reasonable and affordable for the people who wants to learn more about capturing the natural beauty of this world. The investment fee of this workshop is $1095 only.

Mote About This Workshop:

In this workshop, we will be covering the area of 20 square mile radius outside the Leavenworth. Lodging and travelling will be on their own self for the participants. The workshop will be consisting of three days of the main field and a mid-day on the post processing and image critique session and for those who are interested in the photography business, the business aspect can also be discussed with them. The number of participant in our group will be 8. So in order to secure your place, you must book it now with payment.