Planning Your Next Cheap Holiday Destination

In this article we examine the basic steps of planning a holiday. In the busy globalised economy, we all need tools to compare service providers such as hotels & flights in order to get the best deals. I will provide some tips as well as a couple of links with a list of to flights and hotel service providers to assist in your comparisons.

Want to plan your next holiday but dont want to break the bank? How about planning that perfect holiday that will have you relaxing in your dream destination at the click of a button? Holiday planning can be a stressful venture from choosing where to go, to finding the best deals, and getting what you really want when all you want to do is nothing! There are many sites that offer substantial holiday planning tools but the problem always seems to be which one to choose? How do you know you are getting the best holiday deal? Here is a simple guide to planning your next cheap holiday without the added dramas.

The first step is determining your budget, doing this will allow you to find the best holiday deal under what you can afford. When you know how much you can spend you can narrow your options of location and travel choices significantly. Staying within your means will allow you to essentially enjoy your trip more as you will be able to successfully relax in your destination. For travel on a budget, try splitting the cost of lodging by travelling with a friend. You can also use your sense of adventure in exploring your destination on your own, thus, saving money on expensive tourists planned activities.
The next step would be to determine how far you would like to travel. Holidays can be domestic or international but either way you want to make sure you are getting the most for your time and money. Choosing a domestic holiday can be very rewarding and essentially more stress free as you spend less time travelling and more time relaxing!

After these two initial planning steps you can narrow your search and know exactly what travel sites will help you the most. Booking airfare can be of the most costly element when planning a trip and it is essential that you stay on top of a few different sites to determine the best deal. When planning a cheap holiday, choosing a site that collects airfare costs from multiple travel sites will not only allow you to see who offers the best rates, but may actually give you more ideas as to where you think you may want to spend your time. These sites can offer special deals on not only airfare but hotel stay and car rental all in one location. Budget airlines are also a way to cut costs on flight and using them can save you a small fortune.

Undoubtedly, the more time you give yourself to plan the more time you have to get the best deals in travel. Allowing airlines to update you when fares are dropped is a great way to stay up on the latest deals. This also eliminates the amount of manual searching you have to do, thus saving you time and effort as well.

Conclusively, if you keep in mind these simple tips when planning your next trip you are sure to have a relaxing holiday from the initial planning stages to enjoying yourself in your travel destination of choice!

Passenger Whiplash Claims

If you suffer whiplash in an accident that was not your fault, you are entitled to make a personal injury claim. This is a fundamental legal principle, whereby anyone injured through another person’s negligence has the right to recover compensation for the pain and suffering caused. You do not, therefore, have to have been the driver: passengers have just much right to make a claim as any other person.

Passenger Whiplash.

Whiplash is a soft-tissue neck injury commonly associated with road traffic collisions. It often occurs when a car is hit from behind by another vehicle. This sudden impact will subject anyone travelling within the car to a forceful ‘whipping’ motion, whereby their heads are violently thrown backwards and forwards. During the course of this head movement, the neck will hyperextend, meaning it is stretched beyond its normal limits. This damages the muscles and other tissue, leading to what is popularly known as a whiplash injury. Symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain, reduced neck mobility, dizziness and headaches will subsequently ensue, although it may take some hours for the problem to become apparent.

There have been a great many disparaging comments in the media recently about whiplash, but as many doctors will testify, it is a very real thing for a great many victims of car accidents. Claims in the press that whiplash is impossible to diagnose, and that if a person claims to have whiplash the court simply has to take him at his word, are nonsense. Doctors are perfectly well able to distinguish patients who have whiplash from those who are pretending, as is proved by the many reports filed each year which state that a passenger does not have whiplash despite his claims.

Can A Passenger Claim For Whiplash?

Therefore anyone travelling within the hit vehicle can suffer the effect of a whiplash associated disorder, including passengers. This may happen when you are travelling as a passenger in a car, or another mode of transport such as a bus or train.

But no matter where your whiplash injury took place, if you have been wrongly injured as a passenger, you will be able to make a claim against the person responsible. This may be the driver of the vehicle you were travelling in, the driver of the bus you were travelling in, or another road user.

To make a passenger whiplash claim, your first step should be to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. After a short discussion about the details of your accident, a solicitor will be able to suggest what action you should take next. If they suspect you have indeed been the victim of passenger whiplash, you will be able to proceed with a claim. If your case is successful, you will be awarded compensation for the injuries you have sustained – both physically and financially.

Rv Covers Protect Your Recreational Vehicle For 339 Days Each Year

Vacations in a recreational vehicle (RV) have several advantages over other kinds of vacations. RV vacations are flexible and convenient; you are at liberty to travel anywhere you wish at any time that suits you. On an RV vacation, you can enjoy the comforts of home as you travel to new places, and you can enjoy more quality time with family, including the pets. RVs are also a more affordable way to vacation, according to studies comparing vacation costs. The results of this increased recognition of the advantages of RV vacations can be seen in the rise of RV sales, and sales are projected to continue rising over the next year or more, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).

One may wonder, though, what happens to RVs when they are not out on the road. A 2005 University of Michigan study authorized by the RVIA discovered that RV owners are on the road 26 days each year, on average. This leaves approximately 339 days when the RV is not in use. Where does the RV “live” when its owners are not taking a vacation? While an enclosed garage or storage area is the ideal location to store an RV for any length of time, most owners don’t have facilities like these at hand. More often than not, an RV sits on a homeowner’s property or at an outdoor RV storage facility. Harsh weather, moisture, sun, insects, birds, dirt, and other debris can take a heavy and expensive toll on an RV, so the best way to protect an RV is with RV covers. RV covers are a necessary accessory for ensuring that your mobile vacation home stays in top shape until the next time you want to take it on the road.

There’s a proper RV cover to fit just about every kind of RV, from Class A and Class C to travel trailers, folding campers, truck campers, and 5th wheel RVs. Be sure to select the appropriate cover for your particular RV so that you know it will fit properly. RV covers can be custom made, too, for those who want an even better fit or special features. Just any kind of RV covers won’t do, though. RV covers should be made from a robust, but breathable material. You’ll want a material that can resist harsh weather conditions, but also prevent moisture from becoming trapped and developing into mold and mildew. Some RV covers come equipped with access panels, making it easier to reach different parts of your RV without having to remove the entire cover to do so.

Covering other exposed parts of your RV is vital, too, especially when storing the vehicle for an extended period of time. RV wheel covers are an easy way to protect your tires from weather damage, and from damage that the sun’s UV rays can produce. In addition, there are RV covers to protect propane and LP gas tanks from sun and weather exposure, and RV covers for air conditioners which protect the units not only from sun and weather, but from insects who may like to nest inside.

When you’re ready to hit the road on your next RV vacation, you can easily remove and store your RV covers until you need them again. If you leave your vehicle in good condition before covering it, you’ll find it in the same good shape when the covers are off. This means that you can spend less time preparing your RV for departure and more time enjoying the scenery. Overall, if you are amid the many millions of people across the country who are joining the ranks of proud and satisfied RV owners, then taking proper care of your recreational vehicle when it’s not in use will ensure that it continues to take you comfortably and safely on travel adventures for many years to come.

How To Get Business Lounge Access While Travelling Economy

Not everyone has the cash to fly first class, or even business class, but if youre taking a long flight or travelling in a busy season, air travel can be tiring and stressful. One of the perks of flying business class is that you get airport lounge access, which takes you away from the crowds and gives you all sorts of other comforts like better seating and free food. But what if you didnt have to shell out the extra cash to fly business to use the business lounge?

The difference in price between an economy ticket and a business ticket can be hundreds of pounds. But access to the business lounge need cost you a fraction of this price you might even get access for free!. If you have a favourite airline, check out their frequent flier programs. Those offer nice incentives to keep you flying with them, including better deals on your tickets and access to the business lounge. All you need to do is stay with that airline, but you can also stay in economy.

Alternatively, there are third-party membership schemes you can sign up to which can give you access to business lounges. These might be in partnership with the airports themselves, or with the airlines. For a relatively small fee, you can use the business lounge for free and still travel economy, giving you all the perks of a more expensive ticket without the drain on your bank account. These airport lounge membership schemes might need you to investigate or research online a little, but that bit of work will pay off in the long run.

So, if you do shell out, what do you get for your money? Whats on the other side of the lounge door? Business lounges are small, exclusive spaces with plenty of luxuries and comforts for those allowed in. Depending on the size of the airport youre in, youll find free food, complimentary newspapers, Wi-Fi access and maybe even showers and entertainment facilities. These benefits are for the people who pay a lot more than you for them, but you can still get at them if youre clever, and they make long airport stays a lot more bearable.

Remember, just because youre travelling on a budget doesnt mean you cant have a little luxury. Airport lounge membership schemes are a great way for the smart traveller to save money and get a first-class experience on an economy ticket.

New Rules Shielding Airline Passengers Take Effect

Air travellers are set for good time as the U.S. Department of Transportation is all ready to implement new pro-consumer passenger rules from today. New travellers’ rights aim to ensure that customers are protected from unfair and deceptive practices adopted sometimes by the airlines

From today, i.e. 23rd August 2011, airlines will be required to refund baggage fees for lost luggage and will be obligated to fork out much more for bumping involuntary passengers on overbooked flights. U.S. Department of Transportation can also impose large fines on international flights that hang around at the airport tarmac for more than four hours. Additionally, from today onwards the airlines will be required to display fee charged on everything, from checking a bag to buying food.

Lost Luggage

Carriers will be compelled to refund baggage fees in case a passenger’s baggage is lost. Till now, the airlines were obliged only to compensate for lost or damaged goods. However, the new rule does not benefit those travellers whose baggage is delayed. It is reported that only 1{44f67c1dd4434a07c6253647403409d3e056e37e06b5b681c79680906e30ac98} of the checked baggage is declared -lost’ by the airline.

Involuntary Bumping

Travellers who have valid air tickets and are involuntarily denied boarding will be entitled to much more compensation from the airlines under new regulations. Airlines will now be required to pay a compensation of four times the value of ticket up to $1,300 if they are not able to provide alternative flight to the passenger within two hours for domestic travel and four hours for international flights.

This new rule is sure to discourage airlines from overbooking flights. Not many carriers will have a heart to bump passengers if the bumping compensation is so high. This is the second significant rise in the compensation in recent years.

Airlines used to make a lot of money by overbooking flights with dollar rich travellers and then conveniently bumping passengers with cheap flight tickets. But now with new rules, it will indeed be a very tough decision for the airlines to bump passengers who have cheap tickets on flights. Travellers must also bear in mind that carriers are necessitated to pay them cash then and there. One can surely decline an airline’s offer of vouchers for future usage.

DOT’s Proposed Regulations

Department of Transportation has few more customer-centric rules in the pipeline. Such regulations will most likely come into effect from the early part of the next year.
Passengers will be permitted to make change or to cancel reservations within 24 hours of booking without any penalty fee, as long as the booking was made at least seven days before flight departure.

Carriers will be duty-bound to immediately inform passengers of cancellations, diversions and delays of more than 30 minutes.

How To Choose The Right Baby Bag For Travelling

The right baby bag can make life easier for you, especially if you are always on the go. When you’re travelling with a child, the first thing you would want to ensure is the child’s safety; the second thing is the baby’s convenience and yours. To make sure you have everything you and your baby needs for your next trip, you have to make sure you find the right baby bag to take along. Here are the most important factors you must consider when choosing a baby bag.


The weight of the bag you pick is the first and most important factor you should consider because you wouldn’t want something that would add to your burden when you’re travelling. As much as possible, you would want to pick a bag that’s lightweight, yet durable. If you’re a first-time mom, you might be surprised at how much stuff you will need to bring when you’re travelling with your baby. You might even be more surprised to find out that your baby has more stuff to bring than you do. A good lightweight baby bag would be one that has few or no metal embellishments at all.


Next to weight, you would want to consider the material the bag is made of. Focus on the exterior of the bag you are looking at and see whether it’s made of material that can withstand extreme conditions. When you’re always on the go, you never know what you would encounter on your trip. To make sure your baby bag endures to the end, find one that’s made of either leather or nylon. If you can imagine travelling with that particular bag and picture it enduring dirty sidewalks, wet seats, and the like, then that’s the bag you should go for.


The number one rule in picking any type of travel bag is this: the more compartments it has, the better. Again, expect to bring much stuff for your baby when you’re going for a trip. To make sure you can accommodate all the diapers, feeding bottles, and clothes, find a baby bag with as many compartments as possible. However, don’t go overboard and pick a bag with compartments that will confuse you. The bag has to be roomy and has to have a flat bottom for easy access.

The Strap

A good baby bag is one you can wear a number of ways, so make sure you find one with a long strap. This will allow you to wear the bag across your body and to keep your hands free to be able to attend to your baby. In the same manner, the strap has to be adjustable and should be able to accommodate any person wearing it.

Color and Style

As for the color and the style of the bag, you have to consider who else is possibly going to wear it. If you decide that you will be the only one to wear it all the time when you’re travelling, you can pick any color and style that suits your preferences. If you plan on letting your partner carry the load with you, make sure you pick a bag with a color and style your hubby won’t be embarrassed with.

Information About Cheap Tickets

Cheap tickets are provided by three main sources. These sources are airlines, booking agents and online travel agencies which provide tickets of domestic and international flights. When you plan for travel by airlines, you always wish to get cheap air tickets. Air tickets makes important part of the travel cost and getting cheap flights tickets makes good amount of money to save.

In previous time, people use two ways for travel by railway or by roadway. These two modes were available for travelling within India. If people needs to travel across borders for any purpose like business and commercial, travelling cost was always high and much time consuming. But now days, Indian consumer, have variety of options for travelling.

By travelling air is one such mode for travelling that ensure comfort as well as saves time a traveler. Cheap flights gives us safeguard the comfort of air travel without costing much money. The cheap flights of different airline agencies take care of the affordability along with comfort for middle class Indian travelers.
Previous days there were only couple of airline operators; flights tickets for several destinations were costly within India and also for abroad. But now various airline business players available. These business players make enabled availability of cheap air tickets.

Travel at that time when it is inconvenient for most other people to travel. The ticket price for that duration is low because airlines want to fill maximum seats in that odd time. For example, avoid travel on working days when business persons, students are getting back to home for the weekend. Travel early morning or late night to avoid crowding. Many people choose to travel in that time so airplane seats are half you can use other seats for yourself while paying less than the price of one.!

Launching of several private airlines eithers big or small has created the competition between players. This trend starts easy availability of cheap flight tickets. Travelers can now travel to different places across India within short time and cheap cost by these airlines.

Traveller can get cheap tickets by travel agents and also by online travel websites. These agents have commercial relation with various flight operators which provides them to get the cheap ticket bookings for the customers. They provide several offers and discounts online.

Competition between various operators by using different attractive schemes to attract customers makes possible of cheap tickets in India. They also provide different domestic flights for different places within India. Online travel agencies made it easy for booking cheap flights online by comfortable payment ways.

How do Airlines offer Cheap Air Tickets?

Progressive India provides private airline operations and many players, they increase competition between them. They provide good deals and attractive offers with good prices for travelling within the world.

Have A Memorable Trip With Car Rental Service In London

With car rental service in London, explore one of the most vibrant, popular and lively cities of United Kingdom. Renting a car gives you the flexibility of exploring London at your own pace.

London is the capital and the largest part of United Kingdom. There is a lot to see and do in London as the city is full of galleries, parks, restaurants, theatres, museums, bridges, nightclubs, palaces, markets and shops. It is the most ethically, culturally and architecturally diverse cities in the world. There are many famous tourist attractions in London which are worth visiting, some of which are, London Eye, the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster, Kew Gardens, Maritime Greenwich, Hampton Court and the Tower of London. You can also explore many good museums in London such as National History Museum, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum. Using car rental service you can easily cover each and every corner of London without relying on public transport especially if you are among those who doesnt know much about the city and its whereabouts.

Car rental service will take away all your worries of finding a public transport and will provide you the car as per your need and requirement so that you can drive in style and comfort. You can easily avail the car rental service at all the major districts in London such as city of London, city of Westminster, Chelsea, Kensington, Greenwich, Sutton, Bromley and many other major location with easy pick up and drop off facilities. To book a car rental, you will be required to hold a valid driving license and passport for identity and age proof. If needed, you can pay for the second driver.

There are many car rental companies in London that provides the best quality and model of vehicles such as small economic car, family car, sedans, convertibles, mini vans, SUVs and luxury cars. Please do specify if you need an automatic or manual transmission at the time of booking. Special discounts in rental packages are offered from time to time which make car rental service affordable and economical for all segments of tourists. You can also save a lot of money by booking early. If travelling with small children, you need to book a child or baby seat. You can also use satellite navigation systems, CD player, luggage racks and comprehensive insurance for drivers. You can also avail the facility of a hired car driver who will drive your car and take you to your destination.

Have a cup of coffee while travelling

Many of you might have thought how wonderful it would be if you could have a cup of coffee while travelling. Travel mugs are the only accessories that can make this wish come true. Whether you want to carry hot or cold beverages, travel mugs are your only answer. There are different types of travel mugs available in the market. For instance, ceramic travel mug, personalized travel mug, and stainless steel travel mug are some of the common types of travel mugs. Some travel mugs come with innovative features like press to sip and release to seal function.

When it comes to retaining heat or cold efficiently for many hours, stainless steel travel mugs are champions. Usually stainless steel travel mugs come with double wall insulation, so that heat or cold retention is high. In addition, these mugs are durable and 100{44f67c1dd4434a07c6253647403409d3e056e37e06b5b681c79680906e30ac98} leak-proof and spill-proof. Ceramic travel mugs on the other hand come with an outer wall made from stainless steel and inner wall made from ceramic. The blend of ceramic and steel not only gives an exquisite look to it, but also makes the travel mug tougher and efficient. Ceramic and stainless steel travel mugs may cost you more money, but these mugs are highly effective in retaining heat or cold for long hours. Plastic travel mugs are cheap, but ineffective in heat or cold retention when compared with stainless steel and ceramic travel mugs.