The Big Island is the Best Island

The name of Hawaii big island is, not surprisingly, Hawaii. It’s the biggest island in the chain and the best. I know this because I was born there decades ago and spent my formative years growing up on the best island. In fact, I went to school there with a certain individual who later became the president of the United States. Like him, I moved to the mainland to strike out for fame and fortune, and while our paths diverged, we both became successful individuals. Unlike him, I always wanted to go back and spend some time on in that beautiful place.

I finally got the chance when I became the CEO of a very successful internet marketing firm. One of the conditions of my employment contract is that I get to spend one month out of the year on the Big Island. One month out of the year isn’t justification enough to purchase an estate there, so I employed the services of company who works with high end travelers to find them accommodations around the world. Continue reading “The Big Island is the Best Island”