The Festival of Lights in Amsterdam – Late Nov / Mid-January

Amsterdam! The political and cultural capital of the Netherlands, sometimes called the Venice of the North, is a cosmopolitan and surprising city. World famous for its characteristic charm of Northern Europe, it offers a wide range of tourist attractions and walks to discover to liven up your stay, including the Amsterdam light festival.

A unique and original experience!

For some years, Amsterdam has been offering its own Festival of Lights. Inspired by the famous Festival of Lights Lyon, it allows for almost 2 months, in the cool of the winter when the night falls around 17h, to admire the forty light sculptures created especially for the occasion by Dutch artists and international. These structures bring a little light and warmth to the many visitors who go along the canals especially for the occasion. It’s another look at the city that they promise you!

The exhibition includes light projections on historic buildings, installations in parks and activities to discover on foot or by boat. Some attractions are interactive and come alive to the movements of passersby!

It is also nice to discover Amsterdam during the beautiful days of spring, it should not be missed under any circumstances this beautiful mixture of art and light!It is always a good time to visit Amsterdam, but the annual Light Festival Amsterdam makes a special winter visit.The works were designed by national and international artists and architects.

The Water Colors is a boat route.

Taking a boat 75 minutes along the canals is one of the best ways to discover these colorful and unique works of art.There are many operators who offer tours, and you can choose to drive your own boat to a private cruise (and everything in between!).

The Illuminade is a free walking route that takes you in front of the works of art 23 in the districts of Weesper and Plantage.It will take about 90-minutes to cover the 3-kilometer road.Each route has a different theme so it’s recommended taking both.

The Amsterdam Festival of Lights

It’s only been since 2013 that Amsterdam has been offering this festival of light. If you know the Lyon Festival of Lights and know it’s the same thing but in Amsterdam.The Amsterdam Festival of Lights takes place over a month: from December to mid-January. If you are going to visit Amsterdam during this period, well you will take a look at it, it really wins to be known.

Light-boat Amsterdam

During the Amsterdam Festival of Lights, many artists have white cards to decorate the channels. Just a nice walk and ride on one of the boats.

During the festival, museums also organize light-related activities, introducing visitors to innovations in the art of light. The theme of this year’s “Bright City” festival is a challenge for artists to create a tribute to the city through their works.

If you have the chance to go during the Christmas Parade, you will see dozens of small boats lit up on the canals. Along the canals you will also see many choirs, accompanied by a glass of mulled wine, you will spend a truly magical moment.