Save Money At Egypt Hotels With An Off Peak Holiday

For holidaymakers who are seeking an enticing mix of culture, ancient history, awe-inspiring monuments and breathtaking landscapes all drenched in a warm desert sun, then Egypt is an obvious choice. Those concerned about getting value for money – and getting the chance to see these incredible sights away from the crowds – should consider a trip out of season. Peak season usually runs from mid-October through to mid-May, making the summer and autumn natural targets for out of season holidaying. There are plenty of Egypt hotels offering a range of discounts and special offers for guests who book during this time, meaning that your trip to the Land of the Pharaohs could turn out to be even better value than you’d hoped for.

The weather in Egypt is typically very warm in the summer months, especially in central places such as in Luxor and further south. The climate is also quite dry so you can usually plan on enjoying plenty of sunshine whenever you decide to visit. Sun protection, including a sturdy sun hat, is important when travelling to Egypt during any time of the year, but especially crucial during the summer months. Coastal resorts, such as Sharm El Sheikh on the Red Sea, will offer warm temperatures during the day, which are ideal for swimming in the sea, and then cooler nights – perfect for a stroll into town for a drink or two. Most resorts in the area have air conditioning, a necessity during the hot summer months. The night-time temperatures along the coast cool off rapidly, providing the perfect opportunity to visit night clubs, discos and restaurants.

Reduced Crowds
The summer months offer the chance to see the quieter side of mysterious Egypt as the families and crowds melt away. You can enjoy visiting the monuments, temples and pyramids in relative peace. Public transportation, such as buses or trains, tends to be less crowded, which allows you to travel more comfortably than during the peak season.

Off Peak Value
The hotels in Egypt are, of course, subject to the usual laws of supply and demand, so in the quieter summer months when they may have rooms going spare you’ll often find you can bag a great deal. They might offer special incentives, such as free nights or free meals. Or you can often negotiate good deals on guided tours, Nile cruises and other excursions since tour operators want to fill up the bus or train and are willing to offer great deals to tourists travelling in the summer. Make sure you compare rates to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. If booking a tour on-site, you can often bargain with the tour operator to obtain lower fares.